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Do Your Research

One of my all time favorite Metallica songs, now memorialized as a 2007 black Peterbilt 379 with root beer colored striping. Fade to Black. Did I mention it's a flat top?

Yes, a flat top. A highly sought after look on a classic rig like this.

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Dustin, the owner of this fine ride. I asked him a few questions about his experience with DB Kustom Trucks and working with QC this past year, so I can share that information with you.

Interviewer: What was your previous line of work?

Dustin: I've worked in the oil fields and I was a DOT coordinator at my prior company.

How did you hear about DB Kustom Trucks and the program we have available?

I first saw you guys at GATS in August of 2015. After that, I followed you on Facebook and searched you on Google. I also made plenty of phone calls to DB before I made the decision to complete my applications. I also did my research on QC. Quality Carriers CSA score was a big selling point for me. For me, that was going to be a big selling point for ANY company I considered working with.

About how long was it before you decided to fill out the applications to move forward with our approval process.

It was about 5 months from the time I had my first encounter to getting the applications submitted and approved.

After all the research that you did on our program, why did you choose DB Kustom Trucks and were you still skeptical?

Yes. It did seem to good to be true. There isn't another program like it that I have found. In my opinion, this is the best lease program out there to completely own a truck. For drivers that don't have thirty thousand dollars to drop on a truck, this is a great way into becoming an owner operator. You have an all inclusive program.

Was hauling tanker something that you were looking to do?

No. I was never interested in hauling tanks. It's just a part of the program.

Once you decided to submit your applications, how would you say the process went?

It was very smooth. I submitted my paperwork and once I was approved, I made my down payment over the phone.

Of all the trucks options available once you had your credit approval, how did you go about making your truck choice?

I was looking for an older truck with no DEF. I didn't want to run into California. I also wanted that classic look and was interested in getting a flat top. Fade to Black was the only flat top available.

How have the costs been since choosing an older model truck?

I've had a couple of small issues with my truck. My first run out, I had a sensor issue and the guys got it fixed. Some issue can be expected. Overall, going with an older truck versus a newer one with a DEF system to worry about.... that cost comparison alone was a no brainer for me. I didn't get a plain Jane truck. I didn't have to think about customizing a new truck, or worry about where I could get it worked on. Did you know that if I'd have gotten a Fitzgerald Glider, there is only 3 shops that work on them? With mine, I can have it services where I want to.

So flexibility was a positive for you. How about the flexibility when dealing with Quality Carriers and dispatching or time off?

I choose to stay out 6 weeks at a time to have a good 4 - 5 days at home. I make sure that I schedule my billing to cover my truck payment and bills. It's a system that works well for me and my family.

Has it been like that from the day you started?

No. I was going broke at my first terminal. That's when I called on my mentors. They were able to help me get a transfer to a different terminal that was a better fit. The mentoring and having someone to go to with questions and concerns has helped out a lot, but it won't save you out here. You have to be self reliant with an owner operator mentality as well.

It's your reputation with the company keeps you going, you are the boss.

How do you see yourself in the next five years?

I'm looking forward to having my truck paid off. I'm not interested in becoming a fleet owner like some of the other guys in the program.

For someone looking at the program, what advice would you give them?

Do your research. Then do a little more. Get all of the facts before you jump into something.

If you had to do it all over again, knowing then what you know now, would you still become an owner operator in a DB Kustom Truck.

Yes. I would. It hasn't always been easy, but I would choose to come into this program again.

If you would like to apply for the DB Kustom Trucks L/P program, please complete our

pre-qualifying questionnaire at

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