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Fleet owner in the making...

When you have a conversation with Eric, you realize very quickly he is a man that says what he means, and means what he says. So when he came to DB Kustom Trucks with the thought in his head he was going to become a fleet owner one day, you don't doubt him. With his Navy background hauling heavy equipment, he's got a keen sense of how things work logistically... on a grand scale. So becoming a truck driver after his service was something he transitioned into pretty easily.

He came to us with truck specs in mind and was willing to wait to have one built. He had the opportunity to talk with Dave Brown, Co-Owner of DB Kustom Trucks. He quickly found out there was a truck very similar to what he had in mind already here waiting for a driver.

Eric wanted a truck with a classic look. He found that in the 2006 Peterbilt 379, called After Midnight, with it's wood grained dash and blue and white paint scheme.

When I sat down to talk with Eric, he had just gotten back from a haul into Canada with a fellow DB Kustom Truck driver. I had to chuckle at the name he chose for his new company.

Interviewer: Last Dollar Trucking huh?

Eric: Yes, it took ever last dollar I had to buy the truck and start my business.

Why did you choose the DB Kustom Truck program?

I wanted a custom truck and liked having someone to turn to for advice when starting my new business.

What is your approach to trucking?

I came into this with a goal of making as much money as I can in my first year to add a second truck in my second year. I'm out 8 - 10 weeks at a time to make sure I reach that goal and treat everyone like a business partner; including my dispatcher.

I'm also making sure that I'm treating this like a business. I pride myself in keeping great records of my expenses and am making sure that money is set aside for my truck. When I do plan my time off, I make sure my truck is taken care of inside and out before I have any leisure time for myself.

What is the best part of trucking with DB Kustom Trucks?

There's a brotherhood with the other drivers. We help each other out, give advice and hangout. The hospitality that Dan and Dave provide is above and beyond my original expectations.

What is the best advice you can give a new owner operator?

Stop looking at your pay as week by week. Don't get upset over a bad week. You need to look at the big picture, set monthly goals and stick to them.

From all of us at the DB Kustom Trucks family, we thank you for your military service.

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