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Living my dream

Don't let the rough exterior, dirty jokes and curse words fool you, this guy has a heart of gold. You can't help but tear up when you see a tough guy show his softer side when talking about his grandmother. Barry had me wanting to reach for my tissues when we had our interview at the shop. The Snowman Tribute truck was in for repair after an unavoidable accident and I had some time to talk with the man behind the wheel of this iconic rig.

If you're not familiar with the truck, it's a 2004 Kenworth W900, with an 18 Speed CAT motor. You can see more information and photos of this truck by clinking HERE

INTERVIEWER: How did you first hear about DB Kustom Trucks?

Barry: I saw these guys in a magazine, and then found them on Facebook. I called and talked with Dan Brown about the program and when I was able to get a load up past their shop, I stopped in to see the operation first hand. That's when I saw the Snowman Tribute truck.

So that truck wasn't built just for you?

It was originally intended for somebody else. I expressed interest in the truck to Dan Brown and told him I'd love to have it. I mean, who doesn't love the Bandit? When the deal fell through with the other driver, Dan called me and I jumped on it!

Were you originally skeptical about the program?

Yes, but only because it and DB Kustom Trucks was so new. I had done a lease before. I got my first truck in the 90's... but I liked what Dan had to say about the program and I liked the price. I also liked the fact that there are two successful drivers behind the program they created and they're here to help me succeed. They aren't here to watch me fail. They are here to help me if I need it.

How satisfied are you with your truck?

I'm very satisfied with it. I had a few minor issues with it, but DB Kustom has taken care of all of my concerns. They even stood behind and fixed a power divider that went out on my truck. I thought I was looking at a six thousand dollar repair, but I called Dan and he worked with me to fix the issue.

How has your experience with Quality Carriers and your dispatcher been?

It has been less than desirable until recently. My situation was less than ideal and I was able to move terminals and now things are going well. That is one thing you need to know, coming into this, you have to get along with your dispatch. QC doesn't want to see you fail, but you need to speak up and let someone know when there's an issue. That's another reason I liked the program. Dan and Dave are here to help.

Do you have an additional advice for guys thinking about coming into the program?

You really have to live within your means. Set up your account with a company name and pay yourself. Put aside your fall back money. Trucking isn't perfect, there will always be something that comes up that you'll need to have money set aside for. You need to be prepared.

If you weren't an Owner Operator, what would you be?

Trucking is in my blood. This is the only thing I have ever wanted to be. My grandmother once said to me that I was her only grandchild who knew from a young age what I wanted to be. It was what I talked about when I was little. She said that I was the only one that actually followed my dreams and became exactly what I set out to be.

And with last statement the interview was complete. I gave Barry a hug, thanked him for his time and thought to myself... Dreams really can and do come true.

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