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Pull the trigger...

Pull the trigger and just do it! Those were Kent's words of advice for someone sitting back watching DB Kustom Trucks. To those drivers that are wondering if they should fill out the applications. To those drivers not quite sure what will happen, but are willing to work hard as an owner operator. To those drivers dreaming of life on the road in their own truck, not making someone else money, but making money for their own families.

Waiting. Watching. Asking questions about the program off and on for over a year. That is exactly what Kent did. Now, I can't say that I was surprised to hear that's what he did. It seems to be the common thread with a lot of drivers that I've talked to. Especially the guys that call in to the office after watching us for a while on our social media pages.

When I asked him about the hesitation, he replied that he was interested in talking with someone who was doing it first. Someone who actually had a truck in the program and was out there running. For Kent, that was Bruce, driver of our truck Copperhead.

Interviewer: I understand that you were skeptical about the program. What happened to eliminate the fears you may have had about getting into this program?

Kent: I was VERY skeptical. My friend Bruce ran for QC and had gotten into the program. I talked with him on a regular basis for a long time, learning about the program and the process it takes to be accepted. I wanted to hear about the program from somebody that was really doing it. It was almost a full year before I contacted DB Kustom Trucks.

Once you decided to fill out the request for a starter pack, how do you feel the process went for you?

It went really smooth. I was already hauling chemical tankers for 9 years, so I knew I had all the requirements to get me hired on for QC. I had them run my credit first to make sure I could be approved to get a truck.

Once approved, how did you choose your truck, Desperado?

Desperado was one of the trucks under construction. I liked that it was a 2007 Peterbilt 379 and that it had a C15 motor in it, and I really liked the color scheme they picked out for it.

Have you had any issues with your truck so far?

A few little things. Dan and Dave will troubleshoot issues over the phone when appropriate. And if I needed it, bigger issues are handled at the shop in a timely manner. Any issues I've had have been taken care of.

How has your experience been with your dispatcher?

I'm based out of Albany and deal with one dispatcher. I check in every couple of days and he usually has me booked for another load. Once we got over the initial, getting to know you period, it's been good. I've learned that you need to keep the lines of communication open.

How has your family been with your decision to get a truck?

My family backs me 100%. I couldn't be out here doing this if they didn't. When I'm out here running we use Face Time a lot, and when I'm home I like to be with the family, grilling and hanging out with my 3 grandchildren.

What is your advice to drivers thinking about getting into the DB Kustom Trucks program?

Pull the trigger and just do it. You need to be able to take the good with the bad, and what's the worst they can say, NO? I just wish I would have done it sooner.

So do we Kent, so do we.

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