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APU Exeptions

Auxiliary Power Units, otherwise known as APU’s, are used by truckers to limit fuel

consumption while idling without losing the ability to power the internals of a sleeper cab.They are designed to ensure efficiency and comfort for the driver over the course of their haul. This is as beneficial to the experience of the driver, an important driver retention indicator, as well as minimize fuel cost during travel. However, as they usually weigh a few hundred pounds, for drivers who routinely carry close to the maximum weight limits this presents a problem when traveling into new jurisdictions. With the latest expansion of the MAP-21 bill dealing with state-by-state APU regulations, this may be confusing to drivers who cross state lines on a steady basis.

Below we’ve placed a table, put together by Track Your Truck, for truckers and logistic professionals to reference while routing their next long haul.

Check it out:

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