My first I-80 Trucker Jamboree

Armed with a cooler of snacks, an ashtray full of change for tolls and plenty of tunes for the hours in the car I was going to spend alone, I left my family behind to make to trek to the I-80 Truckers Jamboree. I wondered if this is how it felt to be a truck driver. I had a destination to drive to and a time frame in which I needed to be there. With the I-80 Truck Stop programmed into my GPS, I was on my way. I hurried through towns that I had already been to in anticipation of what lie ahead. I quickly found out that it wasn't much. Open road and open fields sprinkled with the occasional little town and a rest stop or two. It didn't take long for my regular radio stations to fade away and I quickly reached for my cassettes. Yes, my car is outfitted with a cassette player....don't judge! It equally didn't take long for me to be tired of being behind the wheel, and that was only at an hour and a half in!

A road trip for anyone just wouldn't be complete without road construction, and there were no shortages on I-88 and again on I-80 once I crossed over the Mississippi River. It wasn't quite a snails pace, but the 3 hours and 20 minutes on the GPS easily became a 4 hour trip with the way vehicles were moving through the work zones.

It was all worth it when I saw the entrance sign. The sound of a Jake Brake and the large red Peterbilt in my rear view mirror added to the excitement of what was happening inside the parking lot sectioned off for show trucks. I couldn't wait to get in there and see what it was all about.

Once inside, I found my spot under the orange tent and dropped my gear. A quick trip around the show grounds to get my bearings, then it was time to get to work.

I greeted guys that were there to see the truck we had brought for the show. A little orange Kenworth with a big punch, called Mango Tango. Let me just say, anyone that stepped up to the truck to take a photo was not disappointed. The oohs and aahhs when they looked inside to view the interior, matched the awe when they saw the exterior paint job up close and in person. The pictures online do not do it justice.