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Lease Purchase Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the DB Kustom Truck Program?

Answer: We have a 5 and half year lease to purchase program. We have partnered and are exclusive to the largest bulk tank hauler in the U.S.

Our program provides you with a custom truck and a job hauling chemical tanker over the road. 

Question: How can I get a  truck through DB Kustom Trucks?

Answer: The first step is to be pre qualified. To fill out the form, click HERE

Forms are reviewed by a selection committee. Upon approval, applicants are supplied a starter packet via e-mail to continue to the formal application process. 

Question: Can I lease the truck on with the any company?

Answer: We are under contract to be exclusive to Quality Carriers. At this time, you cannot lease the truck on with another carrier. 

Question: If I'm approved for the program, do I just pick a truck from your website?

Answer: You have 2 options when picking your truck. 

1. You can choose from what is already built

These trucks are complete and waiting for an approved driver with a down payment, ready to work.

2. You can choose a truck that is under construction

These trucks already have a design created and just need the finishing touches. You may have a bit of input based on the amount of work left to complete the truck.

Question: Do I need certain endorsements to haul for QC?

Answer: You are required to have a Tanker & Hazmat endorsement, as well as a TWIC card.

** A passport is beneficial, but not required. 

Question: Where are you located? 

Answer: DB Kustom Trucks is located in Antioch, Illinois. QC has terminals throughout the lower 48 states and into Canada, with their headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

Question: I live in Canada, can I get a truck?

Answer: We currently cannot lease to Canadian residents. 

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