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Quality Carriers Supports Truckers Against Trafficking Initiative

Driver Josh Radcliff in a truck owned by DB Kutom Trucks co-owner, Dave Brown

Photo credit : DBK - Driver Josh Radcliff in a truck owned by DB Kustom Trucks co-owner, Dave Brown.

This article first appeared in the QC Mile Marker newsletter.

Human trafficking is all around us and can be found at truck stops, on city streets and businesses that appear to be legitimate. Trafficking is far more common in the United States than you would ever imagine.Truckers Against Trafficking (“TAT”), a 501 c3 non-profit, is making a difference. TAT’s mission is to educate, equip and mobilize the trucking industry to recognize the signs of human trafficking and know how to respond to it. Quality wants to support this initiative and make TAT training available to everyone within the QC network. Drivers trained by TAT have made an impact by knowing the signs and signals of trafficking and making a phone call to report something suspicious. Trained TAT drivers have:

  • Made over 1,300 calls

  • Identified 425 human trafficking cases involving 744 victims

  • Of those victims, 241 were children

Every one of those callers should be applauded. TAT hails those truckers as “Everyday Heroes.” These Heroes have changed the lives of those victims and gave them hope for a future. TAT training is now available on Quality Distribution’s Online Training (Infinit-i). By logging into your safety training account and clicking on the “Go To Classroom” button, you will be able to view a short 15 minute video provided by TAT. In addition to training, we are providing wallet cards, cab decals and posters to each terminal to help get the word out.There will also be a link added to the Driver Services website, where you can obtain additional information.

We encourage everyone to take the training, and visit the online survey to help us learn more about your experience in the field. Together we can make a difference!

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